What Are the Chronicles of the Stag God?

The Chronicles of the Stag God are a series of multi-chapter short stories and one-shot pieces of fiction set in the world of Khernia, a fantasy setting. Though most of them have something to do with the great Stag God, Ashlan, in some fashion, not all do -- some are simply set in the same world.

Reader Warning
The Chronicles of the Stag God are unabashedly pornographic in tone and content. Though many of the elements within perhaps skirt the bounds of comfort for some, I believe that they do what fantasy and the imagination have always done: that is, they explore "what if" in a context that is completely safe, and in which no one can actually get hurt.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Encyclopedia Khernia

Hello, all. This is the first post in what I hope to be a regular series. Now that I'm no longer posting the actual stories to this blog, I've been wrestling with trying to figure out exactly what to use this blog for. I want it to be a useful resource, and a place of interest to those who are enjoying the Stag God stories (and possibly other stories I end up setting in the world of Khernia).

So, to that end, I'm going to turn it into an informational resource. Here, I'll be occasionally posting short "articles" about elements of the world of Khernia, from all sorts of topics: politics, religion, magic, culture, warfare, history, myths & legends, and all manner of other things.

In addition to the ideas I have, please don't hesitate to comment and let me know if you'd like to see something in specific. Got questions about the way certain things work in the world? Let me know - I'd much rather be writing about stuff you want to read.

Additionally, I may also occasionally write up a short little bit of fiction here and there to drop on here as well.


Ingonyama said...

How did the Lord of Light's religion originate and come to power in a world so densely populated with gay or bisexual men?

treylot said...

Hey, big fan of your work so far. And seeing the lack of updates on this blog makes me wonder, will you ever complete the stag god series?

The Stag God said...

@Ingonyama: The world isn't actually that densely populated with gay/bi men. There are a few, certainly, as in real life, but for the most part humanity in this setting has about the same percentage of LGBT folk as our world does, even if it doesn't have a role for those men and women in its culture.

Orcish culture, on the other hand, has institutionalized male-male sex as a tribal initiation, maintaining the belief that semen holds the strength of the man who produces it, and so creating a culture in which the weak are often taken by the strong, as a means of actually strenghtening them. We see a great deal more of that among the Split Hoof orcs because of who their patron god is (the Stag God).

I'll also be exploring a lot more of the origins of the Church of Light in future stories.

@Treylot: Thanks for the touching base, man. It's slow going, but I will indeed complete the series, don't you worry.