What Are the Chronicles of the Stag God?

The Chronicles of the Stag God are a series of multi-chapter short stories and one-shot pieces of fiction set in the world of Khernia, a fantasy setting. Though most of them have something to do with the great Stag God, Ashlan, in some fashion, not all do -- some are simply set in the same world.

Reader Warning
The Chronicles of the Stag God are unabashedly pornographic in tone and content. Though many of the elements within perhaps skirt the bounds of comfort for some, I believe that they do what fantasy and the imagination have always done: that is, they explore "what if" in a context that is completely safe, and in which no one can actually get hurt.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Print Edition of the Stag God Chronicles!

Hey, all.

So, I've decided that Ashlan deserves some space on my bookshelves. Though I originally thought about trying to find a publisher, I think the format is a little strange for most standard publishing venues - too short and choppy for novels, and too long for short story compilations.

Fortunately, we live in a time when those aren't our only options. :)

I'm in the process of putting together a Trade Paperback sized edition of the Stag God Chronicles. I'm also in contact with couple of artists, discussing how to get a cover and a couple of interior plates illustrating key scenes from each of the stories for the final book.

I'll keep you guys in the loop - you've been the best, sticking with me over the last four years and watching Ashlan and the world of Khernia grow in all of our minds (and sometimes, our pants ^_^ ). I'll let you folks know more as I have more info, including maybe posting one or two of the images here as I get them.

I'm also putting the proceeds from these sales toward a very good end; since this sort of endeavor will let me take time off from work occasionally without it impacting my finances, I'm going to occasionally take "Stag God Weekends," and spend time working on new tales for the Stag God Chronicles.

Right now, I'm working on a story called "The Archon," which is part of a new Stag God Chronicles trilogy called Light in the Forest:

"The Archon:" The assault and corruption of one of the Church's Patriarchs isn't something that its masters can take without answer. So, the hunt begins - the powers of the Lord of Light are out for blood...the blood of the Stag God, and they don't care who gets caught in the middle.

There's lots more on the horizon, including plans for a trilogy after Light in the Forest entitled The Smoke of War. :D Thanks for sticking with me, guys.