What Are the Chronicles of the Stag God?

The Chronicles of the Stag God are a series of multi-chapter short stories and one-shot pieces of fiction set in the world of Khernia, a fantasy setting. Though most of them have something to do with the great Stag God, Ashlan, in some fashion, not all do -- some are simply set in the same world.

Reader Warning
The Chronicles of the Stag God are unabashedly pornographic in tone and content. Though many of the elements within perhaps skirt the bounds of comfort for some, I believe that they do what fantasy and the imagination have always done: that is, they explore "what if" in a context that is completely safe, and in which no one can actually get hurt.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fan Art: Imbru (from "Stag God is Born")

The incomparable Raul Guerra did this amazing piece of artwork, depicting the orc Imbru from the "Stag God is Born" series.

He gave this to me as a gift, and gave his blessing for me to share this with you folks, for which I am incredibly appreciative.

I have to say, it is tremendously flattering to have an artist of Raul's caliber take something I created and apply his own talent to the story, with such amazing results.

Truthfully, looking at this picture, I can see why old Uncle Artemi kept Imbru around for as long as he did. :)


Anonymous said...

How do we get fan art to you?

The Stag God said...

Heya. Just email it to the.satyr@gmail.com ! I'd love to see it. :)